Just wrote the About page

Here it is:

Planning a wedding is hard, stressful…. But sooooo amazing, and we are excited to share the details! We’ve decided to throw a lot of wedding etiquette out the window. It was just too much…with the Japanese, Polish, French, American (the Mid-West), and we swear Los Angeles also has it’s own wedding etiquette… we were offending everyone left and right. So, now, we are just doing what is right for us.  We are following our own style and guidelines. GOODBYE WEDDING RULES! Of course, we are bringing our lovely cultures and traditions to the Big Day— but only the ones we like.

We hope you enjoy the blog, don’t take offense to some of the risks we take… and understand that this is our wedding and our choices. Read on, stay tuned….. June 2, 2012 here we come!!!!

2 thoughts on “Just wrote the About page

  1. You’re doing great..not easy to coordinate the united nations of weddings!!! Your day will be wonderful, as long as you are both wearing those beautiful smiles!!! Enjoy the journey, and remember to have fun!!

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