From Miss to Mrs

I have to say changing my last name has been such a difficult process. Before, we got married, I bought an online program that promised it would cut 13 hours of the name changing process. It said that with the program it would take only 30 minutes! And it was right. I filled ALL the forms in less then 30 minutes. But after filling the forms there was SO much to do–like handing them over and getting them to the right people. Then I had to make appointments with the Social Security Office and the DMV– but everything HAD to go in a particular order.Then I stood in a lot of lines. The other day, I stood in line at the Post Office’s Passport Agency for two hours– only to be told I was holding the wrong form, and they didn’t have the right form,so I had to come back.

After weeks of this and after I was done  sending everything out, I fell into the world of in-between names. Maybe that period was the worst part of it all. Using my credit card was a process since I didn’t have an ID with a picture, and besides that, the cards still had my old last name. Buying liquor was embarrassing since I look young to begin with, and involved getting a manager to clear it. Nothing was easy.

You’d think the whole name changing process would be easier since women have been doing this for centuries—but no, still pretty freaking hard.

However, the BEST part of it and the most enjoyable part of all this is, the mail. Everyday, I check the mail, and something with my new name comes in. It’s so fun! It reminds me of when I used to get the RSVPs letters back. It’s so exciting!

So, in the end– going from Miss to Mrs is all worth it.

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