Someone’s Interested ….

in my wedding dress! Hooray! After just posting the dress on a couple smaller wedding sites (no big ones yet), I got an inquiry. For a  minute I was so excited, but then it hit me, “I might lose the dress sooner rather then later.” Part of the reason, I didn’t hit sites like ebay, amazon, or even wedding sites with bigger traffic is I’m scared! I love my dress. I’m okay with having it forever and ever, and maybe having my little girl get married in it. It’s up for sale but if it doesn’t sell… at least I tried, right? So, if years later Tom says “honey, why is the dress still here taking up so much space?” I can say, “babe, remember I tried.” But now, even though it’s exciting a bride is interested (and really flattering), I’m thrown off by this inquiry.

So, I asked Tom how am I to respond to her (remember Tom is a sales genius), and my so very cute husband says, “hmmmm…. maybe you shouldn’t and hold onto your dress a little longer.” Is this not adorable? We’re both attached!

Anyways, for those wondering….. I did respond to her. So, now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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