Finding Me in My New Name

I’ve been reading other blogs about the first year of marriage and the engagement period, and I noticed that a lot of people (my guess women) felt that being engaged “sucked”. They claimed that the wedding planning process came with a lot of fighting (with their fiance, their families, their future families, etc) and a lot of stress. I, on the other hand, have to say that I LOVED wedding planning. The 15 months leading up to our wedding was so wonderful. Yes, there was a lot of stress, and yes, I did get into a huge fight with my future-mother-in-law (love you Jeanne!!), but the planning actually helped me get closer to my parents and my fiance. AND the best prize of all was the WEDDING DAY. It truly was magical and amazing.

What I wasn’t prepared for was what happens after the big day. Suddenly, all of our wedding guests were gone. We put all of our resources into our wedding day, so we didn’t plan for a honeymoon. We did have a second reception up in the North Woods of Wisconsin (thank you Jeanne and Bill) a month later, but we did most of our bonding with friends and family during that time and hardly spend any time with each other. So, immediately after we got back, I got the worst sinus infection ever (Literally, I still can’t get rid of this thing), and here I’m left to figure out how to change my last name and still be “me”.

Or how to be “me” in-between names (When I have no form of ID and the cashier thinks I’m pulling a fast one on them by trying to buy beer. Or having my new ID, but it not matching my old credit card name– and having to wait for a manager to approve the transaction) And I know I vented about this before, but seriously—can they make the process of changing my name easier? Just this past Monday, I had to stand in two different hour long lines at the courthouse. AND I’m still waiting for my new passport. It’s been months now! As an international girl, I feel incomplete, naked without a passport. Seriously, what if we get the opportunity to go to Paris tomorrow? I’ll have to wave my husband goodbye from LAX airport. Oh, the injustice!

Anyway, if you are searching for me, I’m searching for me too. Right now, I have to focus on growing our start-up business, figure out who we are as “us”, and getting rid of this darn infection (because I’m really tired of it)….

Oh…and finishing our thank you cards.

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