Reality Hits and A Broken Heart

The upcoming premiere of TLC’s “Along for the Bride” is not only extremely exciting, but it has also opened up a lot of old wounds.  On one end, how many brides get to re-live such a wonderful day over again? It’s like I’m getting married…all over! I’m so fortunate to have such thorough documentation of the day I married my soulmate, my life partner, and my best friend.  But on the other side of the spectrum, re-living the weeks and months before that amazing day, means re-living the hurt and pain caused by the decisions and actions of a dear friend ; A friend I’ve known for a long time and can only describe as a sister.

And so, since the show is about bridesmaids, by contract I cannot say too much. No spoiler alerts on this blog, but I can say, we all signed up for the show together. We all agreed to do this (some with greater enthusiasm than others) together. You’d actually be surprised to know that my “sister” was the so excited even though she had a big secret that none of us knew about and when the cat came out of the bag a week before the big day, I stood by her. There was a lot of crying on my end, and I was the only person who spent the entire day in court with her while her family went on with their daily plans. (Ironically, my friends and family were arriving at the airport to support our big milestone.)  So I had to shuffle a few things… But hey, what are friends for? Yes, I had wedding on the brain even as I sat on the court bench, waiting, waiting, waiting. I played many scenarios in my head depending of course around the verdict.

Probably what hurts the most is after that very dreadful day, her family called me selfish and turned their backs against me. They said that I wasn’t there for her and all I cared about was the wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, yes, I cared very much about the wedding. After all, my fiancé and I had invited the most important people in our lives to support and witness our upcoming union where a majority of them had to make travel and accommodation arraignments. Not to mention that I was GETTING MARRIED in a matter of days…  But dedicating time towards this situation instead of greeting family at the airport CLEARLY showed that I cared deeply over my friend and valued our friendship.

So now I’m not only dealing with the fresh salt in old wounds, but I’m being harassed and targeted by her family and friends. I’ve received an extremely insulting text message from her mother, a childish facebook post, and a strange phone call from a member of her family I never met. I’m being blamed for “dragging” her onto a reality show and trying to “ruin” her life. You would not believe the cruelness, and I so wish I was one of those people who could just brush the mean things off and press delete. But it’s hard; so maybe the first step of healing is sharing. I’ve been debating about putting this post up for days. My heart is breaking all over again.

Thanks for reading. Take care!


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