It was worth it

Tonight– is boys night, and I finally have “Aki” time. Since we also work together, this is such a rare occurrence… So what do I do first? Heat up the Thanksgiving left-overs, and watch Bridal night on TLC.  This used to be my favorite thing to do before our wedding. I watched hours of this stuff… I got inspired, I laughed, I cried… I got invited to many, many weddings. I got so lost in other peoples’ moments. And now, the most amazing thing about tonight’s bridal line-up was that I got lost in my moment. When I saw Tom standing at the alter, his beautiful face, I just about melted. On the actual day of our wedding, there was so many things running though my head; I had to stay composed and focused. But tonight, by myself, I put the turkey down and I let the tears go (no fake eye lashes to catch them…lol).

To tell you the truth, these last few weeks have been hard. I’ve definitely had my doubts whether I did the right thing to let a reality show film such a personal time. But after tonight those doubts are gone. Our wedding was so very magical then, and watching the show, it still has that same magic for me.  So, yeah, it was worth it. I married my soulmate, and that moment got publicly captured (along with other drama….. oh I mean Along for the Bride).

Anyway, here’s our real video montage of that beautiful day.

by Jin Yoo-Kim

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