The Poll

I often wonder if I could go back in wedding planning time, is there anything I would change? And for me, the answer would be the Guest List. Now, I’m curious, would you change your guest list, or bridal party? Please take my poll. And what else would you change…? Please leave a reply in the comments section for anything you would change.

The Guest List: I have three big issues. One, there were two couples that RSVP’d “yes”, and did not show up.  I hate to sound petty, but the whole wedding revolves around a guest number (Our venue capacity was for 150 people).  Therefore, the amount of guests I was able to invite was 70. Picking 70 people to put on my guest list was the hardest part of the whole wedding planning process. I put in a lot of thought, and then for some to select yes on the RSVP and not show up…. was super lame. And these were two local couples. Granted, one couple wrote me the night before, and so I knew there was a chance they wouldn’t show, but the other couple— no idea why they didn’t come. Seriously, no idea. A few weeks later, I wrote to her, texted her and got no response. How disrespectful!  Which leads me to the second point, there were some people that I recently got close to and wish I had invited them. And my number three, there are some people that I wish I didn’t invite–but I didn’t know that then.  At the time, I loved them and I was the happiest bride ever. BUT now, I feel like they were put on this earth to make my life miserable. Their goal is to take that special day of ours and try to ruin it in any fashion possible. To be continued on another blog…

The Bridal Party: Well, as you all saw in my episode of  “Along for the Bride”, my bridal party wasn’t exactly perfect. I have always known Kelley to be flaky, yet I still asked her to be my maid of honor 15 months before the wedding. Was that silly? Was it to much pressure for her? I will never know.  I will say that I am ever so happy with the outcome. It was the best wedding ever. It all come together for us on our magical day. So, no, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

2 thoughts on “The Poll

  1. Aki- congratulations on the show and your marriage. It was pretty entertaining. I don’t think Kelley got a fair shake and don’t agree with the way she was portrayed. After all, this is “reality” tv, right? Anyway, you two have history, and a special bond that not even Jakeisha can compare. It was pretty evident when she needed Kelley’s assistance to keep you from having a meltdown. Anyway it was nice to see you and Kells on tv. You have both always been sweethearts, especially Kelley. Hey Kelley, next time you need a Deisgnated Driver, call me! 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks for the comment! Yes, it was reality TV and made for entertainment, but the underlying truth was that I was getting married. Kelley missed so much of the wedding process (and she’s the one who talked me into having a long engagement by promising she’d be there for me as I’m an only child); it’s not even funny. She pretty much missed everything including coming late to the church rehearsal and she missed the entire rehearsal dinner. Trust me, I was having my real meltdowns in private away from the cameras. So in all fairness, the producers were beyond generous in how they portrayed her. We didn’t need Kelley’s assistance on my actual wedding day; I just wanted it–Big difference!! Yes, Kelley and I have a special bond— and I believe the magic ingredient is called time. Jakeisha and I may not have the 16 years of friendship, but I can ALWAYS count on her to be there for me.

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