Jumping on an Old ChristmasTradition

Since as along as I can remember, my parents ALWAYS sent a Christmas/ New Year card. We’d gather around our Christmas tree, set the camera on a tripod, take our photo, and turn the favorite photo into a card . The process was a difficult one– back then we had actual film, and it was pretty hard agreeing on the “perfect” photo. Yet, somehow we managed, and every year, all of our friends and family received a card from us. This was our Christmas tradition to stay connected with everyone across the globe to let them know we love’d them and that we’re still here. It makes sense because my dad is from Japan, my mom is from Poland, together they lived in France, and now, we live here in Los Angeles… millions of miles away from a lot of friends and family.

But this year was different! This year, my parents gave me away, and we created our own family. As I’m an only child, my parents had two options; they could either just take a family photo without me, or include the new “us”. And of course, they decided to include us. (two families= one card) I really loved the card! So much so, that I ordered a little extra and added my own friends to the mailing out list.

Two FamiliesThen Tom saw that I was mailing out Christmas cards, and after I told him my families’ tradition, he asked if we could mail out a card to his friends and family too! So, we created our FIRST Christmas card. The first card to continue the tradition that I oh so love, and I’m so excited to share with OUR friends and family. Hope you guys enjoy and if by chance yours was lost in the mail, please let us know.

Well, that’s the story!


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