The Dirty Thirty

My friend Jakeisha is turning thirty and we are going to celebrate! But before we do that, it got me thinking about the big difference between 29 and 31! Turning THIRTY is a HUGE milestone in itself.  I remember being a little girl and thinking 30 was old. Aki 30Back then, I looked forward to turning 16, 18, 21, and even 25! But once I turned 25, I was ready for it to stop. No seriously, 25 was a good age! Suddenly, 30 just crept up! They say for a woman, 30 is the age of enlightenment! It’s the moment of truth! It’s when one becomes one’s own, and finally, comfortable in their own skin. So, why isn’t 30 one of those birthdays we all look forward to?

For me, the two years between 29 and 31, I got engaged and married. I think I sort of got cheated, or maybe better yet, spared of the anxiety of turning 30. I celebrated my 30th Birthday– in fact, it even hailed in southern California–but it just kind of came and went! My first moment of truth once turning 30, was my best friend Kiki was a bitch. Was she always a bitch, or maybe because I had became enlightened with age, I just didn’t want to deal with her anymore? I really don’t know. I’d like to say the latter was the truth– but then again, that was my only big I’m 30 and wise moment.

If my focus wasn’t around wedding planning, I’m sure it would have been a lot different. In fact, as I’m planning Jakeisha’s birthday, I googled “Turning Thirty” and I found a quote from the movie Something Borrowed where the Kate Hudson character says to her girlfriend,  “You’re 30! You can’t afford  to be picky”. So, if you are single and turning 30 means you can no longer have the “perfect man” and you need to settle with the first idiot you see, that sucks!! Okay, I can see that pressure– the pressure we put on ourselves, the pressure society puts on us, and even the pressure GOOGLE puts on us— of turning thirty!

Well, Happy Birthday Friend! Here’s a funny little video I found that describes the differences between 29 and 31… LOL! (but in my next blog, I’ll let you know a secret…shhh… 34 is the perfect age to have kids, NOT younger)

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