Speed Dating, Craigslist and a Match.com Lawsuit

Every month I look forward to my girls night out. I somehow found an awesome group of girls that thoroughly enjoy a wild night of partying without the sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Okay, so our “partying” might be considered extremely tame, but nevertheless, at the end of the night we all had a lot of fun and some silly stories. As the only married gal in the bunch,Girls Night Out I’m not naive enough to believe that Girls Night is only about us and enjoying each others’ company (even though it is), but I do know that they are open to “meeting guys” and perhaps get a future date out of it. Maybe even meet the “one”. But can you really meet someone at a bar?

Let me tell you this: I know if I met Tom at a bar, we wouldn’t be married. We probably won’t have noticed each other! Luckily, we met at work where I was able to develop a friendship, an attraction, and than a relationship. But during our friendship period, I was boggled that he had used Match.com to find his current “girlfriend”. On-line dating seemed so foreign to me; so unnatural; so bizarre. How do you know you want to date someone based on a picture and a profile? Don’t people embellish their profile and use airbrushed photos? And what threw me off was that Tom was equally boggled when I told him that I had found my roommate through Craigslist. He was like how can you share an apartment with someone you don’t know? What if I come home one day, and she moved and took all my things? Haven’t I heard of the Craigslist Killer? Um…. I guess I’m a little more protective over my heart than I am over my stuff!

Awe, the silly arguments we had back in the day, and to think, if we were back in the Spring of 2009, I could bring up the Match.com potential killer. And now, the Match.com Lawsuit. Wait…what?? So, a woman meets a guy off Match.com, they date for a little bit, she breaks things off, and he tries to kill her AND now she’s suing Match.com for 10 Million Dollars . This makes no sense whatsoever!  What does Match.com have anything to do with it other than that’s the medium they used to meet each other? Do you think this crazy killer posted a mug shot of himself with a profile that read “Hate being Broken Up With”? Um…no. I’m sure he used all the same bull crap that everyone else uses on those on-line sites… Loves sunset, long walks, etc, etc. So, can you really meet someone on-line?

Well, my roommate turned out to be crazy— but more like a lovable crazy! We did have an insane few months before I moved out to be with Tom full-time, and I’ll always stand by Craigslist: It works! So, on-line, at the bars, at work; to each its own! My friend Jakeisha tried dating a man at work, and after they broke up, she was miserable. Seeing his face made her have nausea until eventually she HAD to be transferred. Therefore, I don’t think she’ll try dating someone from work any time soon. So, what’s left for my girls?

Speed Dating!

I am sad to report that next month, I will not partake in the next girls’ night adventure even though it was my idea!  Oh, if I could only be a fly on the wall that night. And it’s at the best Speakeasy in Los Angeles!! But alas, I will get to hear all the funny stories later….

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