Valentine’s Day Is For Single People

paso robles I remember when I first starting dating Tom (we were probably at our 3 month of dating mark) when Valentine’s Day was around the corner. At the last minute, we decided to take our first weekend getaway to Paso Robles… Wine Country! Luckily for us, some couple got really sick and cancelled their reservation AND we got the last room available in that whole area…. No joke. The days leading up to our trip was amazing!!! Tom bought me the most beautiful long stems roses and left them at my desk at work. The anticipation and excitement was over the top– and when we finally got to our destination, it just so happened that the last room I booked the weekend before was a Jacuzzi Suite at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast at the best winery in town!! Our days were filled with amazing sunsets, delicious restaurants, and gorgeous wineries. Our Valentine weekend was so perfect and with so much romance! Tom even ended the special weekend with a blue box wrapped in a lovely white ribbon… a Tiffanys Necklace!! Our first Valentine’s Day together and we set the bar pretty darn high!

Now…. if you are wondering what we did for our second, third, fourth Valentine’s Day, you’d be greatly disappointed. I think one time we ordered take-out from an Indian Restaurant down the street… Yup, we didn’t even bother making a reservation, and another time I cooked fish. Even yesterday, which is our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, we spontaneously went to dinner at 3:30 pm to miss the V-day crowd and PRICES!! By no means am I complaining because I LOVE Tom and I love our time together… but the truth is Valentine’s Day is for single people! Our first Valentine’s day was awesome because we were still getting to know each other and spending the extra $$ was worth it, but once we really established Aki & Tom as a couple, we have had no desire to spend $300 for a  Steak dinner or book a room that’s 50% marked up for an unofficial holiday! Not to mention dealing with extra lines and the crowd! No thank you! Honestly, all Valentine’s Day does for us, is give us added, unnecessary pressure! I can’t even tell you how many “what’s the newlyweds doing?” text messages I got yesterday!

And I’m pretty sure Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly considered “fun” for the singe single people. I mean the people who are NOT dating anyone. But at least they call it “Singles Awareness Day” or S.A.D. to take of the pressure. Plus if you were to google “Single on Valentine’s Day”, the single people get all sorts of sympathetic survival guides, advice, and benefits.  We married folks get nothing to relieve the pressure. We are expected to do “something” so very special. My mom even called to see what type of flowers I got . WTF?  This article written by a married dating expert called Mrs. D gives us five reason why “singles have it good” on V-day.  And if that doesn’t convince you, here’s this article 11 Perks of Being Single On Valentine’s Day. So, that’s why I stand by the idea that Valentine’s Day is for single people…


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