Before Tom… My Big Love

So, before Tom…. I mean right when we started dating, before Tom had a say in any of my big purchases… I fell in love with Champagne Bubbles. G37 Champagne BubblesIt was love at first site! I saw her from a distance at a Dealership lot, and I just knew we’d be together for a while. It was an impulsive buy since I wasn’t looking for a car…. I had a lovely Toyota Corolla with amazing gas mileage… but… but there was something about Champagne Bubbles that I had to have. Maybe it was the silly salesperson tactic. The dealership let me have the vehicle overnight!! Let me tell you when a dealer lets you have the car for two days, you aren’t going to give it back.  They know that… Or maybe it was because I sooooooo deserved a luxury sedan! But whatever it was, I bought her and she belonged to me!! And we had a great run.

However, a few weeks ago, Tom and I decided it was time to let her go for the sake of AutoJudo. It’s tough being an Entrepreneur Wife— but I do believe she’ll find a better, happier home. And maybe someone will love her more than I did! She does love the gas, but oh my goodness does she drive SUPER fast!!! She can really go in 3 seconds…no joke.

And now, after a thorough inspection and detailing…. I’m so excited to actually see her on Check her out right here….

Okay, so she’s not actually white, but a light Gold… so I’m assuming they are using stock photography but you get the idea!! The light gold is an exotic color that Infiniti did not make very much off!  hmmmm… are you looking for a new/used car? Maybe you should start a fight today?

For those of you who don’t know what AutoJudo: is an online vehicle display advertising website in Southern California where car dealers literally Fight to win a car buyers business. AutoJudo Fights take just 45-minutes and each buyer customizes their Fight by including specific vehicles they find on the site. AutoJudo is completely free to car buyers but when the buyer picks the winner of their Fight that Winning Dealer receives their contact information – exclusively. The buyer is not obligated to purchase but when a buyer registers with AutoJudo they agree to share their contact information with the one Dealer they choose as the Winner of their Fight.

Anyway, it’s pretty exciting to see my car on a website my husband built! Just thought I’d share…..

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