Birthday Wish

It’s my Birthday, but the festivities technically began yesterday with my parents, and won’t end until Sunday!!! Nice!! Unlike  our wedding day where I had everyone I loved together in one place, I actually like small intimate parties more… I get to spend more time with everyone and it’s less stressful! So….this year I get a birthday week. I LOVE it! Thank you — Jakeisha, my husband and my parents for making it possible!

So without further adieu, here’s my BIRTHDAY WISH: I would like to be lean and toned WITHOUT working out. No more running, or boot camps  or cardio, or weights, or boxing… no more struggling to catch my breath or waking up at 6 am to exercise on the beach. I just want to look amazing in a bikini and wear the same clothes I had back in college…No wait… in high school. So, please, grant me my birthday wish…LOL. And if I could just ask for a little bit more… I really would like to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I’m talking about fries with ranch, cheeseburgers, pasta, bacon… all the time… And stay healthy in my bikini body.  That’s all I want!

Anyway, Thanks for all the birthday LOVE! It feels great!!! I’m the luckiest!

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