March 13

March Women's history MonthIt’s March 13, and I have yet to write a new blog post this month. The last one I wrote was on my birthday, but I only wrote it because I felt I should say something about my birthday. It’s not lack of inspiration that’s keeping me from  writing. I don’t have writer’s block… In my head, I have so much to say; My stories and thoughts are organized well… and all I have to do is type it out. However, the truth is I’m a little overwhelmed and touched by the comments and emails that I’ve been receiving after Father Richards’ passing. A couple weeks ago, I shared my story.. but I only shared a couple sentences of how wonderful Father Richard was. I could have wrote on and on and on… (For goodness sake, our priest  even went along with my shenanigans on bringing the TLC cameras with me on our wedding day.) Yet somehow my post reached some of his friends and family.. and their response has been very touching. I always knew Father Richard was loved by many. However, now I’m sure of it.

When I started this blog over a year ago, it was mostly to inform our wedding guests of our wedding details. Then it turned into something more. Part of it is that I think Tom and I are so isolated here in Los Angeles. Our friends and family live all over the world. Sharing us makes me feel like I’m still in great contact with everyone. Have you ever gotten a voice-mail  listened to it, and not call the person who left you a voice-mail back? Not that you don’t want to call them back, but that since you heard their voice, it’s almost like you already had the conversation and you are content. Yeah, I do that ALL the time. I forget that on their end, they are probably wondering why I haven’t called them back. Well, that’s why. So, my blog is kind of like that: a nice long voice-mail in writing.

Another reason why I continued our website AFTER the wedding was because I love being a voice. Maybe not so much a voice of reason. More like a voice of a 30 something, married, entrepreneur  who still loves to travel  and doesn’t want to miss out on any fun! Well, I’m not so much the entrepreneur but my husband is and really that’s the same thing. Risk is risk and I will ALWAYS stand by him. Still, it’s freaking hard and there aren’t many blogs out there that cover what happens next after the big day. Thus… I want my voice out there… floating somewhere in internet space.

So, I do get a little shy especially when I realize that I do reach people… BUT I’m back and ready to write away!!! Thank you for all your support!!!


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