The Marriage 15

Definition of the the Marriage 15 as written in Urban Dictionary:

“when a newly-married person (usually female) gains 15 lbs soon after the wedding–often not working out and eating too much. similar term is “freshman 15″ for first year college students.”

Okay so maybe the Urban Dictionary isn’t the most reliable source, but research does show that women tend to gain weight after getting married.  You can spend hours, days, months combing through different articles, studies, forums, and discussions on the weight gain effect caused by finding your price charming.

marriage 15 lbs

Top Snippet Results After Typing in Marriage 15 LBS in Google Search

In fact, a study published in the Health Psychology found that  happier newlyweds gain more weight then newlyweds that are less satisfied with their marriage. The study claims that happy couples get FAT because they no longer have a need to attract members of the opposite sex, and that a healthier approach to this phenomenon is to ” encourag[e] spouses to think about their weight in terms of health rather than appearance.”

So, let’s take Case Study Number 1: me— Aki Smith

Marriage 15 face

I’ve just been way to happy in my marriage because my oval face is now round. I’ve gained the marriage 15, and now, I’m NOT happy! It’s time to do something about it! So, when I figure it out, I’ll let you know. 

Until next time, Take care!


No seriously I like the picture thing, it really puts it into perspective. I do want to keep a photo tracking diary of some sorts but I don’t know how comfortable my husband would feel with me in a bikini on the internet.  I guess for the time being, I’ll stick with my face. Well, I need to go find a plan. If ANYBODY has any advice, I’m so open to it!!!!!

Here’s what I need: Motivation, a weight loss plan, a diet plan, a workout plan, a photo diary plan…………HELP!! and thanks in advance!

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