Sexy: Long Hair Or Short?

Aki HairI’m torn— to cut or not to cut? I’m pretty sure that most men prefer long hair while most women prefer short to mid-length hair. I know I can find statistics on Google to back up my theory… but ultimately I don’t care. I’m married. My husband will have to deal with what I decide to do— keep my hair long or cut it short!!  Now that the wedding day is over; I’ve been wanting to change my look dramatically for some time!  That and I really, really, really want to donate my lovely locks to the ladies in need! 80% of hair that gets donated– gets trashed! Why? Because guidelines weren’t met– hair is too gray, too short, too processed. My hair is long, straight, and naturally brown. Not only that, the leader in wig charity, Locks Of Love, has a little bit of a scandal going on. Both Forbes and Business Insider report that 6.6 million dollars of hair are unaccounted for EACH year. Hmmmm…. are they selling donated hair on the side? I wonder what cars the “volunteers” and workers at Locks of Love are driving…. But regardless, now more than ever; little girls, teenagers, women (I even read boys too) need natural looking hair to help with their self-esteem!! And we all know that self-esteem and confidence is very important. Look at me; I’m debating on a hair style, while there are many people who do not have that option.

So, even though all the signs point towards–yes,  cut 16 inches of hair– I’m still so nervous! Is short hair cute? And can I pull it off? To answer that, I turned to my best friend, Google. I looked for mixed Asian/ White actresses, and really only found one– Olivia Munn. (By the way, I love the HBO show Newsroom– it’s the best!!) She’s absolutely stunning either way… but I’m thinking I like her look better with short hair.

What do you think?

Olivia Munn hair

Okay– I’m sold. I’ll post pictures of my new haircut soon!!

Until then… xoxoxo


If you’d like to donate your hair, here is list of organizations that make wigs for the ones in need (each have different requirements about length, chemically processed hair and grays):

Children With Hair Loss

Wigs For Kids

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Chai Lifetime

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Angel Hair Foundation (Hair that Cares)

Angel Hair For Kids  (In Canada)

Do NOT use Locks of Love.  This organization not only has 6 million dollars of hair unaccounted for, according to Forbes “Locks of Love requires applicants to provide two letters of recommendation explaining why the child would benefit from a hairpiece. This requirement is not typical of peer organizations.”

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