10 Tools to Maximize Your Personal Efficiency

Frank Addante, CEO of Rubicon Project, came up with this list of his favorite productivity tools.  Good read!

1.  SaneBox: Smart Email Filtering Tool

SaneBox uses advanced algorithms to organize your email into low and high priority buckets. It works with any email client, email service or device. I was slightly hesitant about handing over control of my inbox, but I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it.  SaneBox has saved me hours of time and works amazingly well.

Check your @SaneLater folder (low priority email) twice a day and mail from senders you don’t want to hear from again to @SaneBlackHole.

2.  Evernote (Organizes your notes):

Evernote stores your notes in the cloud and makes them accessible from any computer or device.

Tips:  Evernote is for business and personal use. I use it to take all of my meeting notes and jot down general personal items.  I also use Evernote to scan/fax important documents that I need to keep on hand. Evernote is also helpful for keeping track of project notes and critical documents such as driver’s license, passport, insurance documents, etc.

Download App: iPhone | Android


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