Update on my Bridemaids

This morning our reality show, Along for the Bride, aired on TLC. It’s been a while… a long while… and I was actually excited to re- watch it… re-live our wedding week. I still can’t believe two years have gone by so quickly. So much has happened in our lives since then… and I’m so glad that I have that “reality show” souvenir.Soooo….. I thought it would be fun to give a quick update on my girls… the ones that not only made our wedding day ever so special, but the ones that made the show so ever entertaining!!

Jakeisha Along for the Bride Jakeisha is working on her PHD. By this time next year you can call her Dr. Jakeisha. She still is the bionic woman. She’s juggling her studies, her lovely little 5th graders and a boyfriend!! I don’t know how she does it… seriously… but she manages to get it all done.

Kelley Along for the Bride Kelley is now a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Really, she is such a cute baby! As luck would have it, little miss baby came 9 days late… just like her mama!! As you know there are no support groups for flakiness but somehow she has “cured” herself of flakiness… I think. She plans on getting married next fall.

Christie Along for the Bride

Christie is currently pursuing her spiritual calling. Being part of the Catholic community, she has always questioned whether or not she was meant to be in  The Sisterhood.  As a nun, she would be a Servant of God, and leave behind her dreams of raising her own family. Luckily, on November 25, we get to see Christie in this “discernment” phase as she visits three different convents. So, will she in fact marry Jesus? I guess we all have to wait to find out.

Lindsay Along for the Bride Lindsay is now a promotions manager at a huge LA advertising agency. She has climbed the corporate ladder to be part the MadMen team…LOL. She obviously isn’t that oblivious. She is a go-getter!! Oh, and she got herself a great guy, too!!

Amy Along for the Bride Amy is still a farmer-in-law. Sadly, that’s all I know.


Will this has been great fun catching ya’ll up!! Along for the Bride Aki

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