LOVE is … Family

 2014  Family Holiday Picture

Mom's photo

A brief summary of the photo shoot: 

Tom had mentioned that he wanted to do the family photo shoot earlier this year and with a lovely background. This got me thinking… lets do something different. So that’s what we did!! The process of buying the letters was extremely difficult. We probably hit at least five craft stores. When we did find the perfect size, the store was missing the letter “E”. So, I ordered everything online including the paint (which I only bought for one letter). Tom spent hours painting the letters and going to more stores to find the exact paint color. Apparently, you need a can of paint for a single letter…arg!! At the last minute, we decided to make the “O” periwinkle. Why you ask? Because the “O” represents the color of stomach cancer. We added the extra twist of symbolism in our family photo… yay! We picked the background of Loyola Marymount University..and ta da.

So…. what is Love?

Tom LLove is Sacrifice   We’ve made a lot of sacrifices this year for each other… Tom generously allowed me to be a daughter first and wife second… we put plans on hold.. a lot… Jake gets walked less and behaves in the hospital




Shigeo oLove is Fiercer than Death   But I’ve learned that my father is a fighter… He’s a SAMURAI… at times where I thought he could give up… He DIDN’T




Anna VLove is Hopeful   And my mom stays positive… She keeps the show going…and helps out in every way possible




Aki ELove is Sharing   As for me… it’s been hard… sharing… because I don’t know how this story ends… Love…has taught me to appreciate this time more… and cry less.





Because Love is…  Family!! 


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