Did you receive a postcard?

Sooo… this is a little awkward and I’m sure you are wondering… where’s the update? But it won’t be here until next week. Sorry. The thing is not everyone received it yet and that’s because I ran out. I know… excuses, excuses. You see, since January, I’ve been traveling on behalf of my full-time volunteer job… Hope For Stomach Cancer. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE it, but I have very, very, very little time at home. And even when I am home, I have to prepare for the next trip (speeches, presentations, oh my…).

Anyway, after mailing out my 100th postcard, I realized.. I have none left. Don’t worry.. I ordered more but since I’m going to Washington DC for a week, I’ll have to continue when I get back. I can ask Tom to continue where I left-off, but asking Tom to do such a thing is like asking my dog to make me dinner. Say what??? It’s not going to happen. So… sorry… some people know, some people don’t know.

If I can just ask this one tiny favor, please keep it a secret for a tiny bit longer.

 Sending lots of love!!




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