Birthday, Symposium, and a 5K –Oh My

Hi there friends and family!

So today I made a huge mistake and accidentally posted an RSVP for my son’s 1st birthday–and included my address!! Yikes… For some reason, maybe it’s because I haven’t blogged in exactly a year, I completely forgot how to blog!! I totally spaced out… and ever since I went onto the Doctors followed by being on the cover of Cure Today magazine, I seriously have people emailing me, calling me letting me know they have the cure for my dad. And as nice as that sounds, I’d rather not have the in-person element. I mean I can only take so much — and no, I don’t believe mushrooms will solve every single problem that my dad experienced almost 5 years ago!! Anyway … I’m extremely sorry if you are following my blog and received an email saying I posted –only to find the link is unavailable… Yup…that’s what happened today!!

But since you are here, I do have some exciting things to share!! My son, Kai, is turning one. And per Aki usual, I’m planning his birthday oh so extremely last-minute. I’m beyond stressed but I have faith that it will be a good one. Fingers crossed. If not, it’ll always be a good story! Right?

I’m also planning my first ever…..Symposium  and 5K. Remember that nonprofit I started two years ago–well, good things are happening and that’s exciting!! I do sincerely hope you can make it — Nov. 10 and Nov. 11!! Also beyond stressful!!

Sharing the links below!!

Thanks my friends…and   see you soon!





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