About AutoJudo

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Dealers Fight, You Save

Company Overview

Auto Judo is an online vehicle display advertising website where car dealers literally Fight to win a car buyers business. AutoJudo Fights take just 45-minutes and each buyer customizes their Fight by including specific vehicles they find on the site. AutoJudo is completely free to car buyers but when the buyer picks the winner of their Fight that Winning Dealer receives their contact information – exclusively. The buyer is not obligated to purchase but when a buyer registers with AutoJudo they agree to share their contact information with the one Dealer they choose as the Winner of their Fight.


An AutoJudo Fight is similar to but differs from a reverse auction. Car dealers can increase the value of their offer through a vehicle’s selling price or by including free or discounted services and accessories. Just like every vehicle transaction is different, every AutoJudo Fight is different. In an AutoJudo Fight car dealers agree to give their best offers and car buyers agree to give their contact information to the winning dealer.

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