And The Ugly

“Never argue with a stupid person. First, they bring you down to their level. Then, they beat you with experience.”  ~Anonymous 

Unfortunately, the ugly isn’t from the press, the media or anything like that. The ugly is from the worst of the worst because it’s from the people I’ve known the longest: Kelley’s friends and family.  Ever since the show set a launch date, I’ve been harassed and targeted via phone, text, and social media postings.  I’ve already written a blog about the hurt, please click here for the post.  After knowing these people for 15+ YEARS, it’s pretty freaking painful and it DOESN’T stop. I’ve tried reasoning with them.. and their verbal attacks only get stronger. So, I’m done arguing and pressing the delete button…

  But, you are in luck because I’ve decided to share  some of  the social media postings. Yes, I’d love to tell you about the phone conversations or show you the texts. However, as hurtful as they are, those are private and I don’t want to go “down to their level”.  Social Media is fair game since that’s public. You can find that on your very own. Why in the world would you have to, when I can put it all here for you? Enjoy!

That explains why I got weird phone calls. Nesha– I think you meant call TLC not me.


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