The Businesses

We are entrepreneurs, or to be exact, my husband is an entrepreneur and I married into it! We’ve been working on our start up business since before we got engaged, and have been putting our sweat and blood into this business. The business is called AutoJudo, LLC and you can find it here at As an entrepreneurs’ wife, I’ve got a lot to say—and I can’t wait– but as my reality TV story line producer would say, “A good story has a beginning, middle, and end”, and so we decided to put this story on hold right in the middle. (It will be back…) Building a company from an idea was hard work… but it sure was exciting too! However, I learned that I’m just not into cars and I really don’t like working on stuff I’m not passionate about…

I did take everything I learned and built a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) to pay my gratitude forward called Hope For Stomach Cancer. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my passion. To advocate for the gastric cancer community….Gastric Cancer Stomach Cancer Awareness Network Hope for stomach cancer 501 nonprofit



Of course, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur… Tom started LA Radio Specialist because he’s really good at storytelling and generating leads for advertisers.

Market & Competitive Analysis  Insight delivery of the marketplace and your company’s potential.  Media Planning & Buying  All top and emerging markets, networks, formats, podcasts, and more...  Personality Endorsements  Gold is woven here - true alchemy.  Copy Writing  The right messaging is critical - it's our (healthy) obession.  Production  We have all the toys and produce everything including podcasts!  Content  Thousands of hours created many, awards received - TV, video, radio, podcasts.

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