About Hope For Stomach Cancer

When my dad was first diagnosed with stomach cancer in late 2013, labeled a Stage IV and given a prognosis of 6 months– I was left in a panic. I had no resources, nobody to turn to, and felt very much alone. Google seemed to be backing up what the doctors were telling us and bringing me to a reality, I wasn’t ready to accept.

But for those that know me and my dad, that’s not how this story played out. Today, my dad is stomachless and in remission– AND I’m grateful. I realized that I had to pay it forward. My expertise, my tears and my passion is to change those awful statistics! And that is why I founded Hope for Stomach Cancer. For two years, I desperately wanted hope, and I’m so thankful for the Hope I found. Join me.. and let’s help the community with prevention & early detection, treatment and survivorship to those facing stomach cancer.

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