Did you receive a postcard?

Sooo… this is a little awkward and I’m sure you are wondering… where’s the update? But it won’t be here until next week. Sorry. The thing is not everyone received it yet and that’s because I ran out. I know… excuses, … Continue reading

Pound 4 Pound Challenge

stomach cancer

I have to admit that ever since we got my dad’s painstaking diagnosis, “So, It’s stomach cancer”, I’ve been eating for two. At the beginning of this nightmare, the doctor said, “Shigeo, you need to gain some weight before we … Continue reading

Update on my Bridemaids

This morning our reality show, Along for the Bride, aired on TLC. It’s been a while… a long while… and I was actually excited to re- watch it… re-live our wedding week. I still can’t believe two years have gone … Continue reading