Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

2013 was an awful year! We left 2012 reaching for the stars, and pretty quickly found ourselves just a few feet short of grabbing on. We were so close… so close to achieving our dreams… being entrepreneurs… building our empire… … Continue reading

The Voice of Tom

Hey all… I have a quick announcement. Tom will be starting his own blog in the next few days so please stand by.  Of course he will NOT be focusing on our marriage, our wedding, or his frustrations with dinner last night. He’ll be instead writing about the start-up world, his own ups and downs, and anything relevant to our business— the latest auto news, good deals, and so on. I might do some guest writing.. who knows.



buy vehicleBeen taking a break from the wedding blog recently. We do have some fun topics to write about in the next few days. We took a marriage preparation course last Saturday, we finally did our registry, we are having a very hard time finding bridesmaid dress…etc, etc but what’s holding us back on wedding stuff, is AutoJudo. Continue reading