Darn… My Dad Has Cancer


On December 5, 2013, we found out my dad had stomach cancer. On February 11, 2014, they removed his entire stomach in an effort to cure. But… that’s just the beginning. Today he lives without a stomach and he still needs to fight this awful disease. This particular category is about us fighting cancer head on. This isn’t just my dad’s story. This is our story.

Darn… My Dad Has Cancer

Below is the real-time micro blog I started on February 11, 2014:  Surgery Day. It’s basically my journal of my dad’s total gastrectomy from the day the surgeon cut to present day. I didn’t do much thinking.. I just wrote what I saw. The first 10 days in the hospital was intense…

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With Stomach Cancer: The Blog

Below is my dad’s link to his photo art collection. Photo Art is who my dad is.

Photo Art By Shigeo

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