Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

2013 was an awful year! We left 2012 reaching for the stars, and pretty quickly found ourselves just a few feet short of grabbing on. We were so close… so close to achieving our dreams… being entrepreneurs… building our empire… … Continue reading

Sexy: Long Hair Or Short?

I’m torn— to cut or not to cut? I’m pretty sure that most men prefer long hair while most women prefer short to mid-length hair. I know I can find statistics on Google to back up my theory… but ultimately … Continue reading

Hello Again

Hello again! It’s been awhile old friend since I’ve updated you on the tales of married life because I’ve been hiding under a rock. Well… sort of kind of. Actually, we’ve been working hard on AutoJudo by day, building an Advertising Agency by night (Mad Men style…oh yeah), and playing with our puppy in every single spare time we get. And just like that…. all those New Year Resolutions out the window. I’ve been taking a “break” from it all… but I’m coming back. In 12 days….yes TWELVE days…. Tom and I will no longer be …… Newlyweds! Arg!!!

Say tuned…. xoxo