Supporting Cast

Jakeisha Gibson

Maid of Honor

Introducing the newest and latest addition to our Wedding Day… Jakeisha Gibson. We are truly blessed to have her support. She has helped the Bride and Groom in so many ways, and you’ll all see her wedding touches soon.

We meet Jakeisha last year in our apartment building, but our friendship really took off after she moved. We have SOOO MANY WONDERFUL STORIES together that it feels like we’ve known each other a lifetime. We went on vacation together to Cancun, Mexico and climbed to the top of Coba (the boys chickened out). I guess that just shows how strong our friendship is.

Kelley Stevens
Maid Of Honor

My dear sweet Kelley has been like a sister for over a decade. We met way back in high school, and instantly became best friends. Throughout the many years, our friendship has remained strong. Our life paths took us in different directions at times, but our love for each other kept us together. Kelley has and will always be someone I can count on. She is the sister I never had.

Lindsay Mendoza
Lindsay and I met a few years ago work before we even knew Tom! (Yes, this is the same work place that brought Tom into my life). Lindsay and I became good friends ever since. She is a very sweet person who is ALWAYS there for me. In fact, Lindsay and I have never been in a fight together. She’s just a naturally very-laid-back, easy-to-get along with person. She is very supportive and I just love her to death! She has been an important part of Tom and I. She was there for the whole courting process, for the engagement, and now for the wedding.

Amy Hightshoe
Amy is Tom’s little sister. (Although she feels more like a second mom to Thomas!) In her words, “Tom and I are, we are quite different. Yes, we both had some VERY wild years under our belts, but I doubt Aki and Tom will go hog hunting on their honeymoon like Eddie and I did. Or that Aki will be fishing and gutting fish the morning of the wedding… or own his own Harley (like I did) for that matter. One thing that we are both, is VERY protective of our family and friends.” And she’s right. Tom loves her so much and I’m so honored to have her as my bridesmatron. I’m very excited to get to know my future sister in law!!

 Christie Young

Cantor/ Bridesmaid

Christie has and will always be my spiritual guider. She was my confirmation sponsor, and the wedding ceremony planner. Christie also has the most beautiful voice, and I was so thrilled that she agreed to be our wedding cantor. She has a band on the side, and Tom and I love going to her performances because they are so fun! I am very honored to have Christie on our team!!

John Smith

Best Man

I’m very excited to get to know my future sister in law!!John is Tom’s younger, taller brother. At 6’8, John is much taller then Tom and there is a 13 year age difference. Despite these differences, there is so much love between the two of them. Brothers!!


Chris Mance
Please let me introduce Mr. Chris Mance. He is Tommy’s best friend here in this crazy city of Los Angeles. He is the “midwest” Tom misses so much. They moved out here in 2005 and even lived in the same apartment in Marina Del Rey.




Ryan is Tommy’s best friend from way back home. They even lived in Chicago together, where Ryan currently resides with his wife, Marnie and son, Ray.

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