Y[our] Story: #TripleCrown and Stomach Cancer

Victor Espinoza autograph 2

Dear Victor, My #TripleCrown Story began on November 16, 2013… the day my dad was admitted to our local hospital for severe gastric bleeding. I guess you might ask what does this have anything to do with horse racing… but … Continue reading

Finding Me in My New Name

I’ve been reading other blogs about the first year of marriage and the engagement period, and I noticed that a lot of people (my guess women) felt that being engaged “sucked”. They claimed that the wedding planning process came with a lot of fighting (with their fiance, their families, their future families, etc) and a lot of stress. I, on the other hand, have to say that I LOVED wedding planning. The 15 months leading up to our wedding was so wonderful. Yes, there was a lot of stress, and yes, I did get into a huge fight with my future-mother-in-law (love you Jeanne!!), but the planning actually helped me get closer to my parents and my fiance. AND the best prize of all was the WEDDING DAY. It truly was magical and amazing. Continue reading