My Dad’s Cancer Fight

So, I’m pretty sure my dad is not going to be happy with me– as he’s not the type who wants anybody to feel sorry for him ever– but images do tell a powerful story and I think it’s important to share. … Continue reading

I Donated My Hair to Help Fight Cancer

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, and I have decided to kick of the month by donating my hair. (I did this last year too!) My beautiful long locks will be going to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because this organization makes wigs for adult … Continue reading

To Chemo or Not to Chemo: Does the choice belong to HMO?

Health insurance is just not important until you need it. Right? When my father turned 65 years old, and was eligible for Medicare, he felt it was enough. It wasn’t until many years later, when I realized he’d be penalized … Continue reading