My Dad’s Cancer Fight

So, I’m pretty sure my dad is not going to be happy with me– as he’s not the type who wants anybody to feel sorry for him ever– but images do tell a powerful story and I think it’s important to share. … Continue reading

Longer Than a Postcard 2015 “Hope” Family Picture; The Extended Update

Stomach cancer hope

In 2014, we closed the year with LOVE. As a family, we found that there were so many unknowns… but that LOVE had gotten us through the toughest year imaginable. This year, we closed 2015 with HOPE. I have to … Continue reading

Pound 4 Pound Challenge

stomach cancer

I have to admit that ever since we got my dad’s painstaking diagnosis, “So, It’s stomach cancer”, I’ve been eating for two. At the beginning of this nightmare, the doctor said, “Shigeo, you need to gain some weight before we … Continue reading

Re-Staging Stomach Cancer: Always Scary

CT Scan stomach cancer

It’s been almost two years since my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It’s been almost two years since my world has been turned upside down. During this time, my father has had a total gastrectomy, a port-a-cath surgery, six … Continue reading

Y[our] Story: #TripleCrown and Stomach Cancer

Victor Espinoza autograph 2

Dear Victor, My #TripleCrown Story began on November 16, 2013… the day my dad was admitted to our local hospital for severe gastric bleeding. I guess you might ask what does this have anything to do with horse racing… but … Continue reading