The Cancer


“We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” -Lance Armstrong

There is always some sort of “cancer” in every relationship. Believe me….. Tom and I had a whole lot of “toxic-ness” that caused little fights.. caused huge fights! But in all honesty, all those problems go away when somebody in your family gets diagnosed with actual cancer. For us, it’s my dad. He has stomach cancer. And I bet you are thinking how this fits in to the “Aki and Tom: The Marriage Life” website? It does. Fighting cancer is a team effort and that’s our dad. He needs us. Therefore, this horrible, nasty, ugly cancer is part of our marriage. Very much so. Tom has so kindly, generously allowed me to be my dad’s full-time “caretaker.” Ha! I’m a daughter first, wife second. Let me tell you that is possibly the greatest gift a husband can give his wife. I will forever be grateful.

Well… without further adieu, here’s this part of our story.

Darn… My Dad Has Cancer

Shigeo’s Fight — A journal beginning from the day my dad had a total gastrectomy in an effort to cure to present day.

Photo Art By Shigeo  — An art collection of my dad’s photos.

A blog about stomach cancer gastric cancer adenocarcinoma chemotherapy FOLFOX radiation therapy surgery Total Gastrectomy caretaker stage 3 cancer

With Stomach Cancer: The Blog

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