The Road Map

2013 is here and I’ve been thinking… I know strange, right?… that my blog needs direction! Maybe even a mission statement.  It started simple enough– as an online platform to inform my 150 wedding guests about our upcoming wedding and all its details. But then with one little question that I heard about a million times, everything changed. “How’s the wedding planning going?”… “How’s the wedding planning going?”… “How’s the wedding planning going?”… My guests seemed interested enough, and so I decided to share–ONLINE. Then the wedding day came and went…. and again, I decided to share–ONLINE.

The next phase on my blog happened with a set of new questions, “How’s married life?”.  I would start with “Well…. to be honest…” and before I could answer that question, I’d get “when does that reality show air?” or “How’s AutoJudo coming along?.” After a while, everything seemed so repetitive– and so again, I turned to my ONLINE website to share. Now, when I sit back and think… there I go again… I realize that our life/my blog can not only be entertaining, informative, and interesting to my friends and family, but I’d like to be open and share with it everyone else too. Cuz you know what? Being newly married is only the beginning! It’s a roller coaster…. it’s a balance and it’s wonderful!

Goodbye 2012 and here are all the places I’d like to take this blog in 2013:

-To show my life as a newly married woman. Sometimes it’s about Tom and I. Sometimes it’s just about me. But I do know for a fact, the honeymoon period is a myth!

-To paint the struggles and accomplishments of being an entrepreneurial wife.

-To share my stories as being the only wife in a group of single friends. We are all in our upper twenties, early thirties– young enough to still have fun, but wise enough to know better!

-To display my different recipes and work-out plans! I’m a fabulous cook, and I like trying different cleanses. Plus I have a new work-out plan this year!

-To express my love of travel and show all the places I’ve been too, and the places I long to see.

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